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Experience the Outback Through the Eyes of an Artist 

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Outback Australia is a fascinating country. Its peaceful solitude has sparked the creation of entire artisan communities.

Clark Barrett, an outback artist, is one of them. Clark's fascination with the undulating red sand landscapes grows with each rise and fall of his paintbrush. His love of country, desire for adventure, and insatiable curiosity lead him from one artwork to the next.

Clark's passion for old road maps and sense of adventure drove him to explore the region's dirt roads, sometimes travelling as far as 400 kilometres. Clark has spent the past 40 years searching these back roads for his inner and outer landscape, fascinated by the laser bright intensity of outback sunlight and the way it makes colour vibrate.

Clark would travel through stations, camping out or sleeping in shearers' quarters, knocking on the doors of isolated homesteads in the hopes of meeting the people and experiencing this fascinating land. Because of his curiosity, he accumulated an enviable collection of experiences and gained valuable insight into the light and life of the 'bush.'

Clark's paintings attempt to capture the vibrant glory of nature's morning and evening light. Clark's large studio works and 3D constructions convey his spiritual connection to the landscape and its unique history.

Clark sees no such thing as a silent landscape. He enjoys learning about the history and stories behind each outback journey. The local roads are more of a region of his mind and heart than a landscape. To the uninitiated, those same roads are just rough old dirt tracks.

Clark frequently leads tours for Overland Adventures for those who can't get enough of the outdoors, you get to experience one of his amazing experience tours and learn about his inspirations.

Our tour guides, casts a spell over the iconic landmarks to reveal them in a new light. They have spent many years travelling throughout the country, and many of the tours he leads take passengers off the beaten path to see the beauty that is often missed by those who are not local to the area.

If you're visiting the Broken Hill Outback Resort, you will also find his paintings in the gallery of the old Mt Gipps Hotel.

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