Broken Hill

Broken Hill is one of the most populous towns in the outback. It is in New South Wales, but it is very close to the borders of South Australia and Victoria.

Top Things To Do In Broken Hill And Surrounding Areas

I like to think of Broken Hill as the outback's capital, a town surrounded by desert for hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometres. If you want to explore this type of environment, you should definitely plan a trip to Broken Hill.

This is what we mean by "real Australia," "real Australians," and "real Aussie style." Melbourne and Sydney are both beautiful cities with many attractions; however, they could both be found in Europe or the United States.

Instead, the outback is a uniquely Australian experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

The desert may appear to be a fantastic experience for the first few hours, but it can quickly become tedious. Not quite in and around Broken Hill.

We cover the bare bones of the townships from a locals perspective, then you can come back if there is any particular interest in your own time and own way.

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