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Book your special event and party bus with us!

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

As tourism season slows down, the events ramp up!

Are you in charge of arranging this year’s event? We can handle all transport needs from small groups to large workplace parties.

Using Overland Charters for Your Christmas party means you never have to be concerned about parking, get dropped off right at the front door in style! As a business owner, you can rest assured that you are doing the right thing by your staff to ensure they get from A to B safe and sound.

Sometimes you and your people deserve to have some VIP in your life! Why wait for a taxi, why stumble around outside waiting for someone to come and get you.

Bookings that are personalised, customised, and flexible

Unlike other companies, our booking process is extremely straightforward, with no unpleasant surprises or hidden costs. Just ask any of the other satisfied groups we've served!

We can transport 11 people safely, and when you divide the cost us per person, thats $10 per person for a trip there!

Our price is $220 per hour

1/2 hour $110

1 hour $220 and so on..

Please arrive on time.

Have a few stops in between? We'll plan accordingly and make certain that the group arrives at the correct location and on time. There will be no more muddled navigation from rideshare services. Simply send us your travel plans.

Booking us is quick and simple.

It is not easy to plan a trip, and we want you to breeze through the transportation booking process! Unlike other businesses, our booking process is simple and straightforward, and you will appreciate it. You can email, text or call us anytime

Simply tell us your travel info and we will do the rest!

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